Kahuna Massage is an ancient therapeutic massage technique based on the teachings and practices of the Hawaiian Kahunas.

Why have Kahuna Bodywork?

Kahuna bodywork employs flowing strokes using the hands, elbows and forearms to stimulate the flow of energy throughout the client’s body and synchronise the breath with the heartbeat, while releasing stress and tension. It is a beautiful opportunity to be held, loved and supported to deeply rest at home in your body.

An ancient form of massage originating from Hawaii, it is often described as feeling like you are in the ocean with the wind and waves cleansing, soothing & relaxing your body and mind.

Health Benefits

  • Balancing the body’s organ systems ie, digestive, respiratory, circulatory
  • Assists in the repair of any damaged areas of the body ie. Injuries
  • Restores peace and harmony to the mind
  • Reconnects your body, mind and spirit